Frequently Asked Questions

What are Funchies?

Funchies are a customized scrunchie.  You can choose up to 4 different colors and types of ribbons in your design.  You can also choose your hair tie and decoration.


How much do Funchies cost?

Currently a small Funchie is $3.75 and a large Funchie is $4.99.  In addition there is a shipping fee charge depending on the quantity ordered.  We ship US Postal Office only at this time, no rush delivery but they normally arrive in 2-3 days once shipped.  You will receive a confirmation email when your funchie is made and mailed!


How old do I need to be to make a Funchie?

Well, if you can use the tool, then you are old enough to design a funchie, however in order to save you need your parent or guardian that is 18 yrs or older with a valid email address to save and then order your design.

Can I ship my order elsewhere?

Sure, you can make them for anyone and specify the shipping address when you checkout.

Do you have predesigns?

Yes, we are working on some of our favorties and they are listed under the favorties tab above.


Where are Funchies made?

Funchies are made in the USA!  Right here in our warehouse in Sarasota, Florida. 


Who owns Funchies?

Funchies are directed by Bree (8) and Kendall (9) with supervision and funding by Abbeton, LLC based in Sarasota.  100% of the profits goes towards our college and future education.